VII. Interior Design Showcase

Objective: Creating a Catalog for Interior Design for a Home

  • December 2022 by Amar Vyas

This is a very basic website that showcases the different designs, styles and themes that have been created to illustrate how AI imaging can be used to create a sample catalog for interior designs. Note that these images may have incomplete details at places, and some other flaws that may be visible to the eyes of the observant and the trained professionals.

My aim with this project was to explore and illustrate how AI imaging can be used to create a simple portfolio or catalog site, maybe as a proof of concept or for a startup just getting started. For sake of simplicity and for faster loading of images, I have limited the number of images on each page to 6. 

Many of the prompts used to generate the images were created using chatGPT.

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Fun fact: The original collection had over 120 images!

Interior Design for a Multi-generation Standalone Home in Bengaluru, India

All my life, I am used to the phrase "Joint Family", which would represent a typical Indian household of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, your parents and siblings, all living together. This presents a lovable, yet a chaotic picture!

I might not be fond of the term "Multi-generation", makes it too.. impersonal, but love the concept. Coming from a guy who has spent more time with his dog in an apartment over the past three years more than with anybody else, I would love to have a bit of chaos around me. Atlest once I have finished writing my books. . (Mrs. goes to office, I work from home)

Living Room

Dining Area


Home Office

Entertainment Room

Meditation and Puja Room

Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom


Utility Area


All images used for this project were created using Stable Diffusion or Midjourney. I used the sites Nightcafe, Thumbsnap,Magic Studio or All images are under applicable open source or site specified licenses unless otherwise specified. You are free to use these images for your projects, I would greatly appreciate if you could refer to my site or this project as the source.

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