Different Avatars of Amar Vyas

When I was learning the ropes of AI image generation back in August 2022, one of the first projects I worked is what I call "The Narcissistic Project". I used the prompt

Image of Amar Vyas in xyz style, with some common parameters such as volumetric lighting, digital art, concept art, highly detailed, matte finish, etc.


In the process, I created images that represented "me" using a variety of styles. Turns out, I generated 35 different versions- from Portrait to 3D bust, all look like me in some way. Or so AI thinks.

#Presenting- Amar Vyas in a Multiverse World

In no particular order, the following art styles were used:

Portrait in the style of Turner

ASCII style

Marble Bust

Portrait- Oil on Canvas

Rerto Style

Renaissance Style

Comicbook Style

Bollywood Stule


Self Portrait

Steampunk Style

Portrait- Pichwai Painting style


Children's Storybook

Portrait in the style of Picasso

Sepia Photo

Charcoal on canvas

Watercolour in the style of Raja Ravi Verma

Pen and Pencil on Paper

Sci-Fi, Futuristic

Cyberpunk Style




Dot Matrix Printer

K-Pop Style




Madhubani Style

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