Backstory for the Cat Tutorial

Back in December 2022, while looking up for some AI Image prompts on Twitter, I saw a tweet by a user Markus Schad (@Commander_SEO) who had shared an image of a Tabby (I learnt later that Tabby is a striped cat, you will find the dictionary meaning at the end of this page). The image prompt was also mentioned. I thought that the prompt was very simple, concise and very beginner-friendly.

Cute Kitten, Orange Tabby, wearing hat, 8K, HDR, high detail

Using the same prompt, below images were generated on Thumbsnap, Art.Elbo and Stable Diffusion (HuggingFace). Note that I have pasted screenshots of the images just the way they were generated, no edits or enhancements have been made to these images.

Image Prompt on Nightcafe- Dall.e2 for Orange Tabby Cat
Generated using Stable Diffusion2.1 on Nightcafe

Trying out the same prompt with different AI Image generation tools is fun! Below is a screenshot from when I was generating image of Tabby the cat on that site.

Image Prompt PalygroundAI
Image Prompt PalygroundAI

Finally, here is an image of a rather oversized Tabby.

Image Prompt for a Tiger on Art.elbo
Image Prompt for a rather oversized Kitten

p.s: I learnt a new word in the process, Tabby.

Tabby is a a cat with a striped or brindled coat, or a a domestic cat, especially a female one. (

Speaking of Cats, this is the part of the book where Cookie makes her appearance, probably she is jealous seeing so many images of the Orange Tabby above. But I believe she is telling us that we must conclude this Chapter here, and move on to Chapter VII- Interior Design Showcase.


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