IX. Definitions of Imaging Terms

#Definitions that May Matter To You

In this segment, which some may call as a glossary, I wanted to introduce briefly some of the names, styles of design etc, and some terminologies that will help you in the exploring the world of AI based image creation. The glossary on the next page has a lot of terms and their definitions, but it will be woefully inadequate when we consider the wide universe of visual arts. In spite of this limitation, I believe that this can prove to be an incredibly useful resource to novices and seasoned hands alike.

Secondly, each term is limited to providing a very limited or basic description. This is also by choice. The goal behind this glossary or definition of terms is to explain in a nutshell what the word or term means. If we get into too much detail, it might end up overwhelming the reader.

Understanding terminologies such as Octane render and volumetric lighting, and their applications will indeed be a big help. Likewise if one has a better understanding of design styles such as Art Deco versus say Cyberpunk style. Knowing the artistic style adopted by Greg Rutowsky verses the work done by Alphons Mucha will also prove helpful, because you will find these names occurring again and again in the description (text key) in several instances.

Going beyond the trial and error (or copy + paste). This is a work in progress document - I have used responses generated using OpenAI's chatGPT and Wikipedia assistant (AI for AI!). Read on to learn more about the keywords, terminologies, art styles and creators you will find most commonly mentioned across the AI based image creation sites. 

The information is in no particular order, in a subsequent version I will update in a more reasonable structured fashion.

#Note: because of the Terms of service of OpenAI / chatGPT, I will revise these terms in the final version of this book.

#Some Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions

Note: I am working on making the below links 'live', hope to finish that soon.

What is volumetric lighting? What is artstation? What is Sharp Focus?
What is the difference between concept art and digital art? What do the terms "vibrant, intricate, elegant" mean in AI generated images? What is the difference between highly detailed and intricate details in Imaging?
What is cinematic lighting? What is matte finish, and what is a mural in art? What is redshift rendering?
What does "Trending on Artstation" mean? Why are Greg Rutowski and Artgerm popular in AI imaging ? Can you name  different materials used by artists in painting?
Can you name some famous painters from India and their painting styles? What are some of the famous painting styles from India? What are Dokra and Patachitra artistic styles?
What does a photorealistic image mean? What are  Volumetric Lighting and Octane Render ? What is 5 0 mm f / 1. 4 in photography?
What does CineStill 8 0 0 mean? What is the difference between Anime, Manga and Hentai? What is the difference between Cyberpunk, Steampunk and Biopunk styles?
What is Synthwave Design Style? What is Pixiv?

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