Diversity and AI Images

Living in a country with 1.4 Billion people, and with over a dozen religions, 22 official languages, multiple ethnicity; diversity is a given for most of us in India. Typically, there would not have been a special need to invoke this topic.

I found only a handful of sites which take input in Hindi or Marathi or other main Indic languages. And there are projects on a stable diffusion where they're trying to do some Think similar, I did find projects with support the European languages the Latin based script, the, the CJK, Chinese, Japanese and Korean language inputs. But Hindi and English in Marathi, pardon me are certainly missing. And if one were to extend the logic or the arguments also is the case with Tamar and Bengali and Telugu and Kannada and Gujarati, and Punjabi. So there you go, I just, you know, in the six or seven languages that I just mentioned, right now, we probably covered more, you know, close to 100 billion people who could probably potentially benefit from an information resource of this sort. So this is what, what my aim is with this particular project.

One of my pet peeves is that in many marketing brochures or catalogues in India, the graphic designers uses images of Caucasian people.  Have they ventured outside the streets of India? What percentage of population represents the images displayed? How about making the images more representative of your target audience? 

Real Estate companies are notorious for this behaviour. Granted that real estate is all about selling dreams and aspirations, but can they wake up atleast now and use AI technology for generating more region appropriate images? 

For sake of discussion, what if AI could be used to generate multiple images, using the same description? Below is one such idea: Using almost the same description, I generated several images of women with of different countries and ethnicity. The result was quite awesome. 


On a separate note, the above included video can form great content for International Women's Day Celebrations. 


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