Celebrities and AI Images

Celebrities and Avatars 

A major celebrity in India, none other than Amitabh Bachchan himself, has obtained an order from the court which states that nobody can use his likeness for any art form. 

(read: Amitabh Bachchan’s voice, image can’t be used without his permission: Delhi HC

Where does that leave caricatures, fan art, and similar artwork?

Caricature of a popular Bollywood Actor
Caricature of a popular Bollywood Actor in his late 70s

This is probably the approach that a lot of celebrities and a lot of well known people may take going forward. 

What I state now is not an opinion or advice, but just a thought... maybe creative usage of a creativity tool might pave the way. Let us consider a scenario where one Mr. Watson is a well known figure. Instead typing "create an image of Mr. Watson flying on a swan" one can probably say "create an image of a person who looks like Mr. Watson..."

There may be some resemblance, but it will not be an hopefully not an identical replica. It is early times yet, what may or may not be allowed is yet to unravel itself. Let us see how this space evolves.

Female Celebrities

During my research over the past several weeks, I saw several examples where celebrities, particularly female celebrities, were portrayed in some very creative ways. Needless to say, many images were overtly sexual in nature. I leave it best to the judgement of the users and creators how to deal with this issue. At gaathastory, we create Kids and family friendly content, so our position is quite clear. 

Copyright and privacy is the very reason why I have tried to stay away from giving prompts of actual celebrities look a likes. There was one exception - I mentioned about typing " a person who looks like". I used that very idea and created images of a person who resembles Scarlett Johansson, each image representing a different art style. This image is supposed to be a gif, which may or may not display properly on your screen depending on the settings.


#Below is another image, a looklike of the same person

Watercolour Portrait of SJ

A lot of AI generated images may be views or accessible to children, so bear that in mind. 

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