Create Images Using AI

Now, we reach the section probably you all were most interested in.

"Show me the money" as some would say, or others might exclaim, "let the rubber meet the road! " Before that, one last question:

#What are the possible uses of AI imaging in your opinion?

We discussed apps and some applications in the previous chapters of course, but let us ask this question one more time. And for our answer, we refer to Wikipedia.

(from wikipedia)

Advancements in artificial intelligence have made autonomous, large scale analysis of imagery possible. AI has been taught to process Satellite Imagery with a small degree of error. Studies have used AI to differentiate between different forest types and AI can tell the difference between certain soil and vegetation types. Researchers are using AI to monitor Satellite Imagery for vineyard and grape health as well as having AI estimate wheat harvest size. Projects like SpaceKnow uses AI to conduct case studies in near real-time of deforestation due to wildfires in California and manufacturing activity in China.

In the motion picture industry, 

"examples of movies that use computer-generated imagery include "Finding Nemo", "300" and "Iron Man".

The above are good examples. How about some more? Let us look at some use cases in the next chapter(s)

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