Acknowledgements and Hat Tips

I owe a big thanks to all those who contributed to the making of this book

First and foremost, a huge thanks to my wife, who is also a co-founder in gaathastory - for supporting me while I took a long break to complete my bookwriting projects. 


A man expressing "Dhanvayaad" with folded hands

Ever since I began my journey in the world of AI based imaging, many sites, tools, tutorials and resources have played a big role in helping me learn and understand this space. For this particular book, the following deserve a hat tip: 

Several sites and apps have a very generous free tiers that allowed me to experiment with different styles, formats, patterns and really let my creativity go wild. These sites include, Stable Diffusion on, Thumbsnap's AI Image generator, and Magicstudio. These sites have very generous free plans for the beginners and the intermediate users alike to hone their skills. Of course, Dall-e-2 and Midjourney offer credits for people to try out this new and exciting space. I must also mention the awesome folks at NightCafe, who use a rewards based system for offering free credits, in addition to daily 5 credits for every free tier account user. 

When I put together the interior design website for this book, I realized that in the past four or five months (August to November 2022),  many people and sites have played a phenomenal role in my learning. These include many blog posts, media articles, discussions on Twitter have also played a big role and I would love to acknowledge all of them. 

The below list isn't all-inclusive, there might have been some inadvertent miss-outs. Folks working in the area of AI Imaging: you are all awesome. The open source community around Stable Diffusion, the creators, the tutorials, all have been phenomenal. chatGPT played a huge role in creating the glossary or definitions of terms.

Speaking of lists, the list of 1000 plus sites and apps was curated from similar lists posted at ProductHunt and other sites. Many were surprise discoveries by merely following discussions on #AIArt on Twitter.#AIArtwork or #Aiartcommunity are other useful hashtags to follow on Twitter.

There was a tutorial posted on our Facebook Group about Prompt Muse on YouTube Consistent AI Characters in any pose: Tutorial - YouTube, and she has done an excellent video tutorial on Midjourney. And I'm specifically mentioning this video because this really triggered the thought: maybe I should also start doing something similar for beginners, more generic users, common users, folks like myself.

This made me take another decision, to create short video tutorials for those who may not be familiar with English. Hindi and Marathi summaries of this book are a starting step in that direction.

YouTube Tutorials:

The ULTIMATE Beginner's Guide to MidJourney AI Art - MidJourney Tutorial & Explained Part 1 - YouTube

Nerdy Rodent - YouTube

#Create comicbooks using chatGPT and AI Imaging:

The following Tools and SaaS (Software as a Service) contributed in the making of this site

This site in its present form is created and hosted on, majority of the images are hosted and served from Audio for this book was recorded at Music Cloud Studios in Bengaluru. Amit and Ramanuj are great guys. The recordings were converted to text using Videos were created using invideo, Hippovideo and Pictoried. I used two different laptops, running on MarkText running on MXLinux and Manjaro respectively, for editing and finalizing the draft of this book. For image compression, I relied on Tinypng, Shortpixel, or jpegoptim.


If this cat looks like a dog, it is probably true. The original prompt given in SD 2.1 was: Origami of a cat with blue paper, symmetrical, volumetric lighting, minimalistic, highly detailed, 8k. The output was a mixed bag.

Probably the AI image generation tool was exhausted after generating so many images for this book.

Which also means that you have reached the end of this book. Thank you for reading, and lets' go and generate some awesome #AIImages !

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